rustic yet luxurious

This is how we suggest to characterize the authentic Venetian cuisine. Essentially, it consists of two streams, each with a striking history: On the one hand, Venetian cuisine in the Lagoon has always been based on seasonal ingredients foraged in the dunes, the barene (marshlands) and canneti (reeds). On the other hand, it's all about culinary alchemy, which led to an incredible wealth of recipes which only 300 years ago, were famous all over Europe. We dedicate Alchemia Venexiana to exploring both streams: It's a private space for everyone enrolled in our culinary membership LAGUNA IN CUCINA.

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What's inside:

Botanical beauty food and precious spices

  • Ask any question about Venice or food you like. We love talking about Venetian topics! And of course, about botanical beauty food from the Lagoon!

  • Are you planning to visit Venice? In this space, we share exclusive tips where you can buy authentic Venetian specialties, and when they're in season. Every month, a couple of ideas to shop Venetian food will wait for you!

  • As this is also - and foremost - a community: Share your own personal stories of Venice, or favorite tips and recipes!

  • Special insights into historical recipes for delicious food and natural beauty from the Lagoon: A monthly masterclass, updates, little gifts, behind-the-scenes stories, seasonal botanical recipes, and so much more!