Winter Solstice and January in Venice

Deep winter culture, stories, virtual walks, flowers, spices, precious recipes. Coming home to Venice in December and January.

Winter Solstice and January: Stories and Flavors

Deep winter in Venice is here! See and taste the real Venetian holiday flair, far off the glittering lights in Piazza San Marco. Enjoy ancient Venetian Christmas stories, Santa Lucia Day, vanilla-saffron cake, pine liquor and eucalyptus-pomegranate honey.

There are stories coming to life only between mid-December and February 2 (Candelora): A secretive period we call deep winter in Venice. The December and January festivities in Venice are fundamentally different because this is pure Byzantine territory

If you'd like to taste authentic flavors and your favorite dishes during winter in Venice, this online experience is for you: A mixture of online culinary episodes, virtual walks and winter stories, taking you straight to Venice when it's time to make winter lasagna, pomegranate cake and pevarini cookies. And of course, incredibly delicious historical recipes, each using just a few ingredients.

Venetian winter flair - stories and recipes

Dark but very cozy: This is Venice when the sun rises at 8:45 am and sets just after 4 pm: Deep winter and its special moon phases bring back ancient Byzantine flair to Venice and into our kitchen. We've created this online experience for you to show a hidden side of Venice: The dark city and its traditional winter stories and recipes of winter solstice. 

Venice, for centuries an enclave of the East on "western" territory, wakes up behind the scenes when colorful spicy food is cooked, and stories of Christmases long past are shared! Our Byzantine heritage is reflected in the menus on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. And then, deep winter continues into January, lasting until Candelora, when the first rays of the spring sun take the veils off the foggy city and Lagoon.

This online experience is so beautifully done, I could practically smell the scents and spices from the Rialto Market! I loved the videos, the stories and the historical context of the food, including the stories about the artisans. To be able to read all about the holidays and their special food was so lovely. - JoAnn Locktov, Dream of Venice

What's inside: Winter menus + virtual walks + e-book

Part One: Winter Solstice in Venice

We'll start with the stories of Santa Lucia, Blue Moon and Blue Christmas in Venice, tasting Santa Lucia's saffron-vanilla sweet bread, the two types of pinsa - our Venetian winter solstice and Christmas cakes, and enjoying a gourmet basket with winter specialties from the Rialto Market. 

We'll then go for a virtual walk discovering the most ancient part of Venice around Campo Santa Maria Formosa from the culinary side, while enjoying the green winter decorations and Stella Natale - poinsettia. You'll also taste black winter solstice recipes such as home-made Anima Nera liqueur and the real Venetian chocolate cake.

Part Two: The Ancient Venetian Christmas, its stories and flavors

In Part 2, we celebrate a special Venetian winter birthday, visit the Golden Basilica on New Year's Eve and go for a walk along Riva degli Schiavoni on Christmas Eve, celebrating the ancient Venetian Christmas with Nonna Lina's recipes (surprise - promised!).

This is not only about opulent Christmas lights, but you'll discover the sleeping city while life is going on inside, in the kitchens and secret gardens behind the house. Like baking pevarini, the oldest cookie recipe in Europe!

Finally, we're treated to a winter gourmet menu by restaurant Antico Pignolo, the golden champagne macarons of Caffé Florian, a buffet menu to welcome the New Year, and the authentic cake for Epifania and Befana, the ancient Venetian Christmas celebrated on 5 and 6 January. 

Part Three: Deep winter and January secrets

January impressions and recipes: Witness what we cook behind the scenes during the giornate della merla (blackbird days - includes a special story and visit to Caffé Quadri)

Enjoy Venetian winter lasagna, discover the Venetian bacaro guide and its authentic culture + comfort soups, the deep winter menu by Ristorante Al Giardinetto and the surprisingly green Venetian winter risotti. 

Learn about January feasts like the one dedicated to the animals in Venice.

Enjoy a cup of Venetian caffé bicerin and finally step out of winter on 2 February, Candelora day, with rose meringues.

This online class comes with two BONUSES! You receive access to our Venetian culinary community plus a complementary e-book: Winter Nights in Venice (60 pages).

In Venice, the Christmas lights have been turned on in Piazza San Marco. And now it's time to enjoy the typical recipes for December: Cakes, biscuits, pinsa, and rose desserts. 100 per cent authentic recipes, some dating back to the 13th century. Iris and Lina know what they're talking about, and share mouthwatering recipes and images. - Malena Fernandez - Read&Fly

Winter Solstice and January in Venice

The TREASURE TROVE amongst our online experiences: Deep winter culture, stories, virtual walks, flowers, spices, precious recipes. Coming home to Venice for the holidays in December and January.

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